Green Technology Case Studies

All Green Technology Case StudiesAll Green Technology Case Studies

Goltens global network of retrofit experts makes us the ideal partner for global vessel operators. Projects can be planned and coordinated within your region but executed by Goltens experts in a well-planned and efficient manner, wherever your vessel may be.

    Ballast Water Treatment Case StudiesBallast Water Treatment Case Studies

    Since 2010, Goltens Green Technologies’ has supported over 200 ballast water retrofit projects making us the leader in the space. As an independent retrofit partner, we represent no particular manufacturer or technology but have undertaken projects with systems from Optimarin, Bio-UV, Headway, Severn Trent DeNora, Alfa Laval, Auramarine, NK, Hyde Marine, Wärtsilä and others.

      Sulphur Emission Case StudiesSulphur Emission Case Studies

      There is a range of different options to comply with these sulphur emission limits that vary greatly in terms of complexity and costs (both operating and capital costs) and all require a careful analysis of a broad range of factors before choosing a solution. These solutions range from changing the type of fuel the vessel uses to cleaning or scrubbing the exhaust gases prior to discharge from the vessel.