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Turnkey BWT Retrofit With Zero Downtime For Offshore Supply Vessel

3D Scanning, Design, Prefabrication And Installation For Optimarin (OBS)

The Highland Monarch, owned by Gulf Offshore N.S. Ltd., is an offshore supply vessel operating from The Netherlands. The retrofit project is the latest in a multi- year retrofit program for the entire Gulf Offshore fleet.

The project started with a 3D laser scan and shipboard survey to determine the best options for placing and installing a BWT system. Using the 3D scan output, an extremely precise 3D model of the BWT system was created to verify placement and fit, as well as account for any collisions or modifications required. Using this output, detailed engineering was completed to the same accuracy (± 2.00mm) enabling Goltens to prefabricate all piping, foundations and connections for onboard installation. As the piping was all fabricated to the same accuracy as the scan, no onboard fitting was required and all piping could be pre-galvanized saving significant time onboard.

Since the vessel had no existing overboard connection for the BWT system, a new overboard was installed by divers while the vessel was afloat and off-hire for only 6 hours

The rest of the BWT system installation was done during normal operations while the vessel was in port. After mechanical installation was complete, electricians boarded the vessel for 3 days and completed all electrical work while the vessel was at sea.

  • Highland Monarch BWT retrofit by Goltens

    Highland Monarch

  • Goltens Turnkey BWT Optimarin retrofit - Filter area

    BWT Filter area scanning, modeling and Installation

  • Goltens Turnkey BWT Optimarin retrofit - UV Components

    Modeling and installation of UV components

  • Goltens turnkey Optimarin BWT retrofit - modeling and installation of Control Panels

    Modeling and installation of Control Panels

  • Goltens Turnkey Optimarin BWT retrofit - Drilling of through hull connection

    Drilling of through hull connection

  • Goltens Optimarin BWT engineering design

    Optimarin BWT engineering design

  • Goltens Optimarin BWT engineering design

    Optimarin BWT engineering design


Ballast Water System: Optimarin Ballast System (OBS)
Ballast flowrate: 167 m3/hour
Vessel Type: Offshore Supply Vessel
Owner: Gulf Offshore N.S. Ltd.


  • 3-D Scanning and Modeling
  • Detailed engineering
  • Prefabrication of all required components
  • Installation of new ballast piping and connection to the ballast treatment equipment
  • Pulling cables for the new electrical connections
  • Adding new cable trays and hooking up to the vessels automation system
  • Connecting new pneumatic valves to ships control air
  • Connecting de-aeration piping up to the main deck
  • Making a new overboard connection with the assistance of divers – no dry docking needed
  • Placing extra vibration supports on new piping


Goltens completed the turnkey retrofit work with zero downtime for the vessel. Goltens continues its work to retrofit the entire Gulf Offshore supply vessel fleet.

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