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Oil Spill Prevention and Response

Fast and Reliable Oil Spill Response for Daily Use

Green Ocean provides a full range of 100% eco-friendly products for spill control and response. Goltens’ stations in the Middle East represent Green Ocean’s game changing range of products that absorb more, work faster and are made of natural fibers with a nano reinforcement. 1 gram of Green Ocean’s product absorbs up to 50 grams of oil compared to traditional polypropylene absorbents that can absorb a maximum of 14 grams with 1 gram of product. Use less to absorb more and save on waste disposal.

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Absorbent Booms (Skirted and Unskirted):

Green Ocean absorbent booms have 3x the absorption of polypropylene containment booms. Key features:

  • 1 kg of boom absorbs up to 50 liters of oil
  • Fully saturated boom will not leak during replacement
  • Multiple booms can be connected together for long, continuous runs and easy deployment and retrieval
  • On skirted booms a PVC skirt stops oil from escaping under the boom

Super Absorptive Pillows:

  • Offered in different sizes and shapes
  • Very high absorption: 1 kg absorb up to 50 kg of oil
  • Pillows have high capacity and fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up oils
  • Light net weight ensures simple installation close to oil spill

Natural Granulated Absorbent:

  • Product absorbs any liquid within seconds. Light absorbent is easy to use with no need to carry heavy sacks with sand or sawdust
  • After a spill is absorbed, a floor is clean. No need to clean it with water
  • Less Disposal – waste is minimized due to extreme absorption capacity compared to clay, sawdust or sand

Absorbent Socks:

  • 120cm with 6 Liter absorbency and 300cm length with 15-liter absorbency
  • 3 categories:
    • Universal – suitable for most industrial applications
    • Chemical – suitable for chemical and acids
    • Oil Only – absorbs oil and repels water

Pre-Packaged Spill Kits

Green Ocean has a wide variety of spill kit sizes to support stationary or portable requirements as well as solutions tailor made for maritime ports.

Stationary Kits – come in 300-, 500- and 750-liter sizes and include a wide range of absorbent products to meet different requirements as shown in the table.

Portable Spill Kits – compact and light enough to carry to any spill site. These come in 20-, 30- and 40-liter sizes and contain pillows, socks and granulated absorbent.

The 20-Foot “Green Port Container” – To meet the needs of maritime ports, Green Ocean offers a pre-packaged, 20-foot container designed as a first line of response to enable ports to contain a spill. The Green Port Container comes with 5 pallets of spill kits and 5 pallets of skirted booms. Each spill kit is capable of handling 750 liters and the five pallets of booms combine for a total length of 540 meters.

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Goltens is the right partner for ship owners and power plant operators all over the world. Response to all service enquiries typically falls within 12 hours.

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