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Multi-Station Cooperation Leads to Another Efficient BWTS Retrofit Installation


A European tanker owner approached Goltens Green Technologies in The Netherlands to support the retrofit of an Alfa-Laval Pure Ballast BWTS system on their 6-year-old, 50,000 DWT, Chemical/Products Tanker.


Survey & 3D Scanning: Goltens resources from Europe attended the vessel to perform the ship check and conduct 3D scanning of the spaces considered for installation. As the retrofit being considered was a deckhouse on main deck, the survey had to extend beyond the main engineering spaces.

3D Modeling and Detailed Engineering: Using the 3D scan data, basic modeling of the system was completed and reviewed by the parties involved. Once approved Goltens’ design engineers completed the detailed engineering packages required for the retrofit and worked to secure class approval for the retrofit on behalf of the customer.

  • Chemical products tanker undergoing Alfa Laval BWTS retrofit by Goltens

    Chemical Products Tanker in Drydock in Shanghai

  • 3D model of Alfa Laval BWTS deck house designed by Goltens

    3d rendering of BWTS deckhouse design

  • Alfa Laval BWTS installed per Goltens' design

    BWTS Deckhouse after installation onboard

  • Interior design of deckhouse showing the Alfa Laval BWTS system

    BWTS deckhouse interior design

  • Alfa Laval BWTS installed in deckhouse per Goltens' design

    Interior of BWTS Deckhouse installed

  • 3D design of deckhouse showing aft view of Alfa Laval BWT system

    BWTS Deckhouse interior design (aft view)

  • Interior of deckhouse showing aft view of Alfa Laval BWT system installed

    Interior of BWTS Deckhouse installed (aft view)

  • 3D model of Alfa Laval BWTS CIP location

    CIP location design

  • CIP installed per Goltens' design

    CIP installed per design package

  • 3D design of Alfa Laval BWT UV system

    UV system design

  • Alfa Laval BWT UV system installed per Goltens' design

    UV system installed onboard

  • Design of power distribution and control panel for Alfa Laval BWT system

    Power distribution and control panel design

  • Alfa Laval power distribution system installed per Goltens' design

    Power distribution and control cabinet installed

  • Crew being trained on the Alfa Laval BWTS system

    Crew Training on BWTS system

  • Class survey of installed Alfa Laval BWTS system

    Class survey and inspection


The customer selected a repair shipyard in Shanghai to complete the retrofit installation and Goltens arranged for one of its BWTS Retrofit Engineering Supervisors to attend to support and oversee the installation.
To limit the time in drydock, the deckhouse was prefabricated by the shipyard prior to the vessel’s arrival. With the scanning and design accuracy of +/- 2mm, the deckhouse and other components could be fabricated to tight tolerances allowing for an efficient and highly accurate installation.

Once the vessel was in the drydock, the installation was successfully completed in only 14 days including site preparation and COVID related delays.

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