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Multi-Station Execution Of Optimarin BWTS Retrofit


Optimarin initially engaged Goltens Green Technologies to undertake the 3D scanning, basic design and detailed engineering package for the retrofit installation on a 10-year- old, 37,000 DWT cargo vessel.


Goltens Green Technologies in The Netherlands reviewed the vessel’s schedule and, to limit the costs and travel, arranged to conduct the 3D laser scanning and vessel survey in Eemshaven, The Netherlands close to their offices.

  • Bulker alongside for BWTS retrofit by Goltens

    Bulker alongside

  • Open space selected for installation of Optimarin system by Goltens

    Planned position to install Optimarin BWTS

  • Main Optimarin BWTS components installed per Goltens design

    Main treatment and electrical components installed

  • 3D Model of Optimarin system overlaid on 3D scan by Goltens

    3D Model of UV system overlaid on 3D Scan data

  • Main BWT components installed per Goltens design

    Main components of Optimarin system installed per design

  • 3D model of required modification to overboard piping

    3D Model required overboard piping modifications

  • Overboard piping modified per Goltens design

    Overboard modifications completed per approved design

  • 3D Model of Optimarin system overlaid on 3D scan by Goltens

    3D Model of filter and back flush pump location

  • Optimarin components installed per Goltens design

    Filter and back flush pump installed

  • 3D Model of tie in required for BWTS installation by Goltens

    3D Model of tie in required to existing pipe spool

  • Spool tie in completed per Goltens design

    Spool tie in completed

  • Commissioning of Optimarin BWTS system

    Commissioning – Insertion of UV tube

  • Training on Optimarim BWTS system operation

    Demonstration and Training of ships crew

Using the 3D laser scan data, Goltens then completed the basic modeling of the system and reviewed it with the owner before embarking on the detailed design. Once the detailed design was completed, Goltens worked to develop the associated Ballast Water Management Plan and secured Class Approval.


During this process, the owner confirmed that they would drydock the vessel at CUD (Weihai) Shipyard in China and expanded the scope of Goltens involvement. Goltens specialists in China were contracted to complete the prefabrication of the required system components and to perform installation supervision and commissioning of the Optimarin system while in the shipyard.


Given Goltens China’s vast experience supervising BWTS retrofit installations, the installation and commissioning of the system went smoothly. All of the required components were prefabricated to finite tolerances made possible by the accuracy of the 3D scanning and were well organized with no pieces missing. Despite the inefficiencies and challenges introduced by COVID-19, the installation was completed, and the system was commissioned, in only 14 days.

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