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Two More Turnkey Techcross Bwts Retrofits By Goltens


Having completed successful ballast water retrofitting of one of its LNG Carriers, Goltens Singapore was once again contracted by one of the world’s largest LNG owners and operators to complete similar turnkey retrofits on two 15- year-old, 83,000 DWT LNG carriers.

While Goltens is the global leader in ballast water retrofits having completed well over 850 retrofit projects, designing and executing the retrofit on such large vessels with one of the world’s largest ballast water systems presents a unique set of challenges.

  • Goltens 3D model of Techcross BWTS retrofit installation

    3D Model of TechCross BWTS design

  • Goltens rigging Techcross Ballast Water system components onboard

    Rigging large pipe sections for installation

  • Goltens removing existing pipes for Techcross BWTS installation

    Removing existing pipes and installing big bore spools

  • Goltens welding foundation supports for Techcross BWTS installation

    Installation of foundation supports for equipment

  • Goltens rigging Techcross electro chamber units into the engine room

    Rigging of Electro Chamber Units

  • Goltens 3D model of Techcross BWTS Electro chamber units

    3D model of port side Electro Chamber Units

  • Port side Techcross Electro chamber units installed by Goltens

    Port side Electro Chamber Units installed

  • Technicians pulling electrical cables for Techcross BWTS installation

    Power cable pulling into engine room

  • Connection of small bore pipes for Techcross BWTS installation

    Connection of small bore pipes to eqpt and big bore spools

  • Tying in hot and cold water piping for Techcross BWTS retrofit

    Tying in hot and cold water piping

  • TechCross BWTS PDE and Valve control panel installed - Goltens

    PDE and valve control panel

  • TechCross BWTSremote control panel powered up - Goltens

    Remote control panel powered up

  • TechCross BWTS ANU installed on foundation - Goltens

    Installed ANU and foundation


The scope was comprehensive and included completion of the following throughout the project lifecycle:

  • 3D scanning & vessel survey
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Class approvals & Shipyard Management
  • Procurement & Prefabrication
  • Supply of material (big bore piping, small bore piping,site run piping & fittings, valves, actuators, cable & etc.)
  • Installation and supervision in the yard


Vessel Length (LOA) 288m
Vessel DWT 83,000 Tons
Built Year & Yard 2005 – DSME, Korea
BWTS ECS-3,200 B x 2 Sets
Ballast Pump 3,200 m3/h x 3 sets


For each vessel, Goltens Singapore deployed a skilled team to perform 3D scanning and perform ship checks. The scans were then registered and Goltens began the baseline design with 3D modelling software. Once the baseline models were accepted, Goltens moved quickly to complete the full engineering design package for approval by the owners and class prior to procurement of materials & equipment for prefabrication.

As was the case with the prior installation, the primary challenge for Goltens was space. The sheer size and number of the Techcross ballast pumps coupled with the limited area surrounding them was a design and planning challenge. The design team developed plans that optimized the space management and reviewed the designs thoroughly to ensure the machinery could be successfully installed and operated.

Quality management was also a primary focus during the prefabrication phase. Numerous quality and integrity inspections were completed by Goltens Engineers to ensure that the prefabricated pipe spools were satisfactory. As a final step, non-destructive testing was carried out by Goltens and witnessed by the owner’s representatives.


The installation and commissioning of the systems were both completed at MMHE Shipyard in Johor, Malaysia. Goltens deployed a skilled workforce of 60 personnel including supervisors to ensure the installation was executed to the design and completed successfully despite short docking schedules.

Installation followed the same 5 stages established in the prior successful Techcross retrofit.

  • Stage 1: Remove the existing pipes to install the tie in spools, lift out the existing pipes and install the newly fabricated big bore (600A) pipes.
  • Stage 2: Fabricate & install the foundation supports for the equipment (Electro Chamber Unit, Power Distribution Equipment, Auto Neutralization Unit & TRO Sensor Unit)
  • Stage 3: Lifting the equipment safely into the lowest deck of the Engine Room and securing the equipment.
  • Stage 4: Completion of electrical works including: cable pulling, cable termination at main switchboards, power distribution equipment and equipment onsite.
  • Stage 5: Installation of the small-bore piping between the equipment and big-bore spools.


Goltens worked closely with the owners and the shipyard throughout the process to drive progress and avoid any delays in completion. As a result, both installations were completed within the allotted time with one being executed in 18 days and the other in 20 days.

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