Chocking Compounds And Epoxy Resins

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Goltens stations around the world have been using ITW’s market leading chocking products for decades.

Alignment and chocking are critical operations in new buildings and repairs. Goltens stations around the globe have trained and certified technicians with vast experience designing alignment and chocking solutions for customers across all industries. Goltens supplies various types of epoxy grouting and repair solutions to suit the needs of Marine, Offshore and Industrial installations.
ITW Chockfast, chocking compounds

Chockfast® Pourable Chocking Compounds

The Chockfast® Foundation System of epoxy resin compounds provides all of the advantages necessary for superior performance including fast, convenient installations; precise, reliable alignment; resistance to thermal growth under hot-running machinery; rapid curing with negligible shrinkage; and maximum versatility for dependable solutions with the most difficult installation problems.


Repair compounds

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