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In-Situ crankshaft machining restores bulk carrier crankshaft

Mitsui B&W 5L42MC main engine failure – Taiwan

Goltens was contacted to perform an inspection of a 13- year-old bulk carrier’s main engine crankshaft after a casualty. The 18,320 DWT vessel’s single main engine was out of commission and the vessel was stranded in port in Koahsiung – Taiwan.

Goltens mobilized its tools and technicians to attend the vessel in Taiwan to rectify the damage as quickly as possible.

Once onboard the vessel the crankshaft journal surface was found to be full of cracks and the fillet radii were also found to be damaged. Goltens advised that new fillet radii be machined to provide a true reference for the journal machining and that the journal surface be machined clean to evaluate the extent of the damage.

After the new radii had been machined, Goltens’ in-situ machinists machined the crankpin to -4.00mm. At this point crack tests still showed several small cracks. Local grinding was performed to determine the depth of the cracks.

Goltens advised the client that the crankpin journal would be free of cracks and hardness at -6.00mm.

  • MV Beagle VI crankshaft repair by Goltens

    MV Beagle VI

  • Cracks visible in the surface of the Mitsui B&W 5L42MC crankpin journal before Goltens repairs it

    Cracks visible in the surface of the crankpin journal

  • Goltens in-place machinists installing radius ring to machine new fillet radii

    Installing radius ring to machine new fillet radii

  • Goltens in-situ machinists machining new fillet radii for tool alignment

    Machining new fillet radii for tool alignment

  • Goltens in-place machinists machining B&W 5L42MC Crankshaft to -6mm

    Machining B&W 5L42MC Crankshaft to -6mm


Engine Make/Model: Mitsui B&W 5L42MC
Engine output: 4983 KW
RPM: 176 RMP
Original Diameter: 472mm
Post Machining Diameter: 466mm
Work Location: Kaohsiung – Taiwan


  • Inspection of damaged Engine and Crankshaft including:
  • In Situ crankshaft repairs:
    • Hardness and Crack checks
    • Run out measurements
  • Machining of new fillet radii
  • Machining of crankpin journal to -6.00mm to final diameter of 466mm
  • Machine polished journal to finish roughness


The entire machining job was completed in under 12 days and the vessel was returned to operation.

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