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3-D scanning and detailed engineering for cargo carrier BWT retrofit

Scan & engineering completed to support shipyard installation in China

Not all Goltens Green Technologies’ (GGT) projects are complete turnkey installations of systems. Often GGT projects are more tactical in nature to help customers plan and execute these complex retrofits during a planned shipyard period in a more proactive and controlled manner.

This was the case with the retrofit for the Saga Pioneer, a 46,559 DWT general cargo carrier which completed retrofit in the Spring of 2013. Saga Shipholding is proactively undertaking a 3D scanning and detailed engineering design project for 24 open-hatch bulk carriers (consisting of 4 different ship types). Each type has a completely different design but within each class the design is very similar, the small differences are taken out by the laser scanning adjusted in the detailed drawings. The objective is to complete ballast water retrofitting of the vessels at a rate of 6-8 per year during normally scheduled shipyard periods.

An Optimarin OBS 2,000 m3/hr system had been purchased and Goltens was engaged to 3D scan the vessel, determine the proper location for the system, identify any challenges and obstacles to be dealt with and to deliver a complete engineering package for the Chinese shipyard that would complete the installation.



  • BWT location

    BWT location

  • Existing situation ballast pump area

    Existing situation ballast pump area

  • Pump room with detailed design overlaid

    Pump room with detailed design overlaid

  • Overview BWT system

    Overview BWT system

  • Sideview ship

    Sideview ship

  • View aft to fwd

    View aft to fwd

  • Topview



Vessel type: General cargo carrier
Ballast flowrate: 2000 m3/hr
Total ballast capacity: 16,616 m3
Ballast treatment system: Optimarin OBS 2000 m3/hr


  • 3-D Scanning and Modeling
  • Detailed engineering
  • Delivery of custom made switchboards and other electrical components


The engineering package was so detailed that the Chinese yard used it to fabricate and install the entire system, including the extensive modification of the center ballast tank that was required to accommodate the installation.

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