In-Situ machining / On-Site Machining Experts

Goltens is a solutions driven supplier providing some of today's most technologically advanced on site and In-Situ field machining services.

Goltens’ mission and goal is to Minimize Asset Downtime for our customers from across industries around the globe. By performing these services In-Situ and on site you will be able to realize tremendous savings by eliminating costs and additional downtime associated with the disassembly and removal, logistics, transport and reinstallation of the machinery or equipment.

Crankshaft and Journal MachiningCrankshaft and Journal Machining

    Annealing and Hardness RemovalAnnealing and Hardness Removal

      In-Situ Line BoringIn-Situ Line Boring

        Stern Tube BoringStern Tube Boring

          On-Site MachiningOn-Site Machining

            Metal StitchingMetal Stitching

              Laser AlignmentLaser Alignment

                All In-Situ Case StudiesAll In-Situ Case Studies

                  Accurate, expert repairs and modifications are made onsite, right when you need.

                  For 70 years Goltens has been providing our high demand, specialized services anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our services include a full range of large scale and small scale specialized tools to handle almost any challenge our customers present.

                  Industries serviced


                  Goltens has long been the chosen provider for complex marine machining tasks – downtime equals lost sailing time and revenues – Goltens is focused on restoring operation as quickly as possible.

                    Offshore Oil & GasOffshore Oil & Gas

                    The complex requirements of the offshore Oil & Gas market require skilled and knowledgeable technicians with the right tools – Goltens is well equipped to address the needs of the offshore market.

                      Stationary PowerStationary Power

                      (Diesel and Steam)
                      Goltens has been deeply involved in the Power Generation industry for many years and is active in providing support and a wide variety of complex machining solutions for planned and emergency outages.


                        Whether it is a planned shutdown or emergency outage – Goltens’ skilled machinists can be on the job with the right tools and technicians to address the requirements.


                          When downtime is critical, Goltens is equipped and capable. Large processing and construction equipment used within the mining industry requires a large amount of repair and maintenance – Goltens has the expertise and tooling to address almost any requirement.


                            (Commercial and Military)
                            Goltens long term relationships and decades of experience with shipyards around the world makes us the clear choice for the complex machining solutions encountered in new build, retrofit and repair for commercial and military vessels.

                              Hydro-Electric PowerHydro-Electric Power

                              The hydro-electric industry requires large scale, precision machining and alignment services – whether it is boring, flange facing , journal refurbishment or bearing work, Goltens has the tooling and experience to get the job done.

                                Wind PowerWind Power

                                Goltens global locations and large scale and precision tooling make us well positioned to support the expanding requirements of the growing wind power market.


                                  Whatever your machining requirements, Goltens has the tools, equipment and technical experience to solve the problem with precision, speed and quality.