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In-Situ machining restores El Salvador powerplant diesel generator

Wartsila Vasa 18V32 piston failure

Nejapa Power, a powerplant in El Salvador suffered a major casualty to one of its Wartsila VASA 18V32 generators. As a result of a piston failure, the generator suffered a broken counterweight, sheared counterweight bolts, badly damaged crankpin bearings, a damaged crankpin journal and damaged fillet radii along with damage to other engine components.

Goltens inspected the damage and proposed an in-situ machining process to restore the crankshaft to operational status and get the generator back up operational without removing it from the engine. Goltens mobilized its in-situ specialists and tooling to the powerplant and undertook the multi-phase repair to restore the badly damaged generator.

  • Damaged crankpin journal

  • Damaged Bearing shells

  • Machining fillet radii

  • Machining of crankpin journal

  • Machining of counterweight mating surfaces

  • Completed crankpin journal



Engine: Vasa 18V32
Engine Output: 5,800kW
RPM: 720 RPM
Original Crankpin Diameter: 269.00 mm
Finished Crankpin Diameter: 267.00 mm
Distance between Webs: 210.00mm


  • Machining new fillet radii
  • Machining and superpolishing crankpin journal #6 to – 3.00mm undersize with finish <0.2Ra
  • Removal of sheared counterweight bolts
  • Fabrication of a custom jig and surface machining of counterweight mating surface on crankshaft


Goltens’ in-situ machining efforts avoided the cost and downtime that would have been required to disassemble and transport the damaged crankshaft to a workshop for repair as well as the cost and downtime associated with the generator rebuild. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: “We would like to remark professionalism shown by Goltens Technical Personnel throughout the repair process complying our safety & technical standards. Engine Crank Pin repair performed by Goltens has exceeded our expectations, positioning your company as a key provider for our business.” -ROBERTO MARTINEZ PERLA Maintenance Manager – Nejapa Power Plant

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