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Four Wartsila 12V50DF Overhauls in Only 14 Days


Goltens Singapore was engaged by a Singaporean shipyard to undertake an engine overhaul project on a 9-year-old LNG tanker with a tight timeline. The yard required four Wartsila 12V50DF auxiliary engines to be overhauled in only 14 days.

Goltens Singapore compiled the overhaul scope of work and drafted the work schedule for the 18,000 hour routine maintenance work based on the engine manuals and extensive past experience.

  • Goltens Technicians disassembling Wartsila 12V50DF

    Goltens Technicians disassembling Wartsila 12V50DF

  • Goltens Engineer removing piston on Wartsila 12V50DF

    Goltens Engineer removing piston

  • Goltens Engineer Slacking cylinder head nuts on Wartsila 12V50DF

    Slacking of cylinder head nuts

  • Goltens installing Wartsila 12V50DF Cylinder Head

    Cylinder Head Installation

  • Goltens Torquing of Rocker Arm Assemblies on Wartila 12V50DF

    Torquing of Rocker Arm Assemblies

  • Part of Goltens team after Wartsila 12V50DF engine overhaul

    Part of Goltens team after overhaul completion


  • Inspection and overhaul of all 48 cylinder heads including the pressure test and renewal of intake/exhaust valves, valve guides and valve seats
  • Inspection and overhaul of the rocker arm assemblies
  • Inspection, calibration and crack test of pistons and connecting rods per engine maker’s specification
  • Calibration and honing of cylinder liners for better engine performance
  • Renewal of crank pin bearings and checking of bearing clearances per the instruction manual and engine running hours
  • Overhauling of fuel injection systems for increased efficiency
  • Adjustment of valve tappet clearances
  • Renewal of all gas admission valves
  • Checking and recording the crankshaft deflections


The 18,000-hour overhauls were successfully completed within the 14-day window required by the customer. All engine safety devices were checked and found to be working normally and a running in program was carried out as per the maintenance manual. Once completed, the dual fuel engines were tested up to 100% load and all engine parameters were found to be normal prior to handing the engines over to the vessel’s Chief Engineer.

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