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On-Site Flange Facing For Deck Crane Pedestal Flange

Crane post flange surface renewal for bulk carrier in China

During a short, scheduled dry-docking at COSCO Guangzhou in China, the operator of the Capetan Vassilis, a 10-year-old bulk carrier, encountered unforeseen damage on one of the deck crane pedestal’s 2.75-meter diameter flanges.

The operator immediately approached Goltens to inspect the problem and work together with the shipyard to propose a repair solution for the crane. Goltens’ on-site machining specialist evaluated the condition and proposed a work schedule that met the time constraints of the docking.

A repair procedure was issued by Goltens and approved by the customer and class. As the dry docking schedule was short, Goltens modified its flange facing machinery and tooling to suit a vertical machining application before order confirmation. Upon confirmation, Goltens immediately dispatched its laser alignment equipment and machining tools and technicians to the shipyard in Guangzhou.

  • MV Capetan Vassilis

    MV Capetan Vassilis

  • Deck crane installed onboard the bulk carrier

    Deck crane installed onboard the bulk carrier

  • Crane pedestal laid horizontally for inspection

    Crane pedestal laid horizontally for inspection

  • Goltens in-place machinists Installing flange facing machine on crane pedestal

    Installation of flange facing machine on pedestal

  • Goltens technicians completing flange facing on crane pedestal at Guangzhou COSCO shipyard

    Flange facing in process at Guangzhou COSCO shipyard


Customer: Saint Michael Shipping Co., Ltd
Vessel Type: Bulk Carrier
Tonnage: 51,196 DWT
Flange Diameter: 2,755.00mm
Machined Surface: 120mm


  • Performed laser flatness checks on crane post flange number 2
  • Performed vertical on-site flange facing machining 3.5mm from the crane pedestal flange surface
  • Performed post-machining laser flatness checks confirming flatness within 0.15mm.


Goltens technicians completed this job within 2 days to keep up with vessel’s short dry-dock schedule.

The result was excellent and was approved and accepted by the Crane OEM supervisor, the class surveyor and the shipyard QC officer.

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