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On-Site Flange Facing And Drilling For Offshore Platform

3.4 Meter Flange On Crane Upper Structure In India

A well-known global manufacturer of equipment for the offshore industry engaged Goltens India to perform on-site machining on the upper structure for a crane intended for an offshore platform.

The 3,429mm diameter flange surface required machining to within a tight flatness tolerance of 0.17mm and also required 96 holes to be drilled around the flange face. Goltens deployed its laser alignment and flange facing equipment to the site and Goltens’ In-Situ machinists began the project.

  • On-Site flange facing of 3.4 meter flange on crane upper structure by Goltens

    On-Site flange facing of 3.4 meter flange on crane upper structure

  • Monitoring progress of machining

    Monitoring progress of machining

  • Completed Flange after machining and drilling

    Completed Flange after machining and drilling


Flange Diameter: OD 3,429 mm / ID 3,092mm
Depth of flange from surface: 6.3 mm
Hole Dia. and Qty: 41.27 mm x 96 Holes
Drilled hole depth: 80mm


  • Performed flatness checks with laser equipment
  • Machining of the 3,429mm OD flange
  • Ongoing monitoring of flatness and verification that final result was less than 0.17 mm.
  • Marking and drilling of 96 – 41.27mm diameter holes at required pitch


Goltens technicians completed this job, under the review of the customer’s quality control department, in only 5 days working with 2 shift teams to keep up with the customer’s aggressive target.

The Customer was very satisfied with the approach, quality and attitude of Goltens, such that immediately after completion of work, Goltens was requested to quote for additional machining jobs.

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