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7 engine overhaul keeps drill ship operational with no down time

HiMSEN 9L 32/40 & 18V 32/40 8,000 hour engine overhauls in the Gulf of Mexico

A major offshore drilling operator contracted Goltens Houston , to provide complete service maintenance and supervision for the 8,000-hour overhauls on 7 of the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit’s Hyundai HiMSEN engines. Six inline 9L32/40 engines and two 18V 32/40 engines power the drill ship.

As minimizing downtime is critical for any offshore drilling vessel, Goltens mobilized its offshore-certified diesel technicians to work in 12-hour shifts. Goltens’ service engineers worked efficiently, with the support of the ship’s crew, to complete the maintenance on each engine and restore it to operation before moving on to the next engine to provide maximum power availability to the vessel and allow it to operate without interruption.

  • Removal of HiMSEN cylinder liner - Goltens

    Removal of cylinder liner

  • Goltens inspecting HiMSEN cylinder head onboard vessel

    Inspection of cylinder head onboard vessel

  • Die penetrant check on cylinder head

    Die penetrant check on cylinder head

  • Goltens checking hydraulic torque on HiMSEN cylinder heads

    Checking hydraulic torque on cylinder heads

  • Goltens Torquing main bearing side bolts on HiMSEN engine

    Torque main bearing side bolts

  • Measurement and inspection of HiMSEN piston pin

    Measurement and inspection of piston pin

  • Torque connecting rod big end bearing bolts on HiMSEN engine by Goltens

    Torque connecting rod big end bearing bolts

  • Goltens Pop testing injectors on HiMSEN diesel engine

    Pop testing injectors


Vessel Type: Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
Work Location: Gulf of Mexico
Engine Make/Model: HiMSEN 9L32/40 & 18V32/40
Engine Output: 4,500 kW & 9,000 kW
Engines Overhauled: Six in-line & One V-type


  • Verify torque on all major components.
  • Measure crankshaft deflections
  • Removal and inspection of one complete cylinder unit including; cylinder head, liner, piston and connecting rod
  • Visual inspection of gear train, camshaft and swing arm roller bearing
  • Inspection of all fuel pumps
  • Removal of all injectors; changing out internal parts, pop test of each injector, and reinstallation.
  • Check tappet clearances
  • Reassembly, commissioning and run-in of each engine per manufacturer’s guidelines.


Goltens’ diesel team worked on all 7 engines without interruption, ensuring that the engines were overhauled safely and efficiently. Operational tests reflected all operational performance measurements were within tolerances prior to delivering the engines to the customer.

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