Stern Tubes Boring

Whether your repair is casualty related, part of a routine overhaul or maintenance interval or required for a newbuild project, Goltens can mobilize the technicians and specialized tooling to line bore stern tubes of any dimension and length.

Stern Tube Boring

Whether the job is machining of two or more bores in-line or the machining of bores at great distance, we have the tooling and expertise to handle it.

Ship owners and shipyards around the globe engage Goltens for the execution of this precision machining job because of our tailored tooling and deeply experienced machinists.

Goltens’ Stern Tube Boring Advantages:

  • Portable tooling specifically built for the purpose of boring stern tubes
  • Specialized laser guided measuring / alignment equipment
  • A large global team of Line Boring Specialists to ensure a rapid, expert response anytime and anywhere