General On-Site Machining

Goltens’ In-Situ/On-Site machining capability eliminates the logistical and cost related issues that go along with repairs and major replacements on any large equipment that is not easily moved. Goltens expert In-Situ technicians perform a number of on-site machining procedures including large scale flange facing, surface machining and more. We can mobilize a wide range of equipment to your site, ensuring that your equipment is operational as soon as possible.

in-situ/on-site machining, flange facing, on-site flange ,portable milling machine

in-situ/on-site machining, flange facing, on-site flange ,portable milling machine

Goltens’ culture as a precision tool maker and its constant investment in capital machinery and personnel related to In Situ machining has made its stations around the globe capable of handling almost any specialized machining job for both engine repairs and maintenance. If we don’t have the proper tool for your special, one of a kind requirement, chances are we can build it. Services commonly provided by Goltens teams include:

  • Small and Large scale Flange Facing up to 6 meter diameter
  • Surface milling
  • Reaming
  • Sheared / Broken Stud removal
  • Metal stitching of components (i.e. Engine blocks after con rod failure, crack in cooling space and casings etc.)

Our experience covers a full spectrum of marine/shipyard, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Stationary Power and general industrial applications worldwide.

Our highly skilled technicians are experts in the operation of these precision tools and the use of special measuring equipment to ensure successful end results every time.

Goltens’ On-Site Machining AdvantagesGoltens’ On-Site Machining Advantages

  • Wide range of portable, precision tooling of small and large scale deployed at stations around the globe
  • Specialized laser guided measuring/alignment equipment
  • A large global team of Machining Specialists to ensure a rapid, expert response anytime and anywhere

    Problems Most Often Observed/AddressedProblems Most Often Observed/Addressed

    • Leaking Mating Surfaces
    • Out Of Line Mating Surfaces
    • Worn out / Damaged Landing Surfaces
    • Corroded Guide Rails / Foundations
    • Seized/sheared bolts
    • Cracked/broken metal components