In-Situ Line Boring

Not all crankshaft failures can be easily corrected by Machining or Grinding. Sometimes the damage is so severe that the engine pockets have been damaged and the engine requires Line Boring.

On site Engine Line Boring/In-situ Line Boring

On site Engine Line Boring/In-situ Line Boring

Besides being the leader in crankshaft machining and repairs, Goltens has long been a specialist provider of in-situ diesel engine line boring services to comprehensively service the needs of our customers.

Goltens has invested heavily over the past decade to enhance and refine its world class line boring tools. With the use of skilled personnel, our specially designed tools and laser alignment equipment; Goltens executes work on all range and sizes of diesel engines with exact precision. This tooling is used in all manner of in-situ line boring applications, beyond the complex boring of engines, and can be applied to the boring of any application from a single bore to multiple in line bores across industry lines.

Backed by the large scale, precision machining capability of the Goltens workshops, we can handle all repairs that might be associated from machining of caps to larger requirements like machining of bedplates and blocks.

Whether the job is machining of two or more bores in-line or the machining of bores at great distance, we have the tooling and expertise to handle it.

Goltens’ Engine Line Boring AdvantagesGoltens’ Engine Line Boring Advantages

  • Specially designed, portable In-Situ line boring equipment with lengths up to 10 meters
  • Specialized laser guided measuring /alignment equipment
  • A large global team of Line Boring Specialists to ensure a rapid, expert response anytime and anywhere
  • Engineering experts familiar with different engine makes and their individual design features.
  • In Situ Tool Designers capable of modifying our tooling to solve all make and manner of machining challenges

    Our In-Situ Line Boring Specialization IncludesOur In-Situ Line Boring Specialization Includes

    • Line boring main bearing or camshaft pockets standard and oversize
    • Single pocket line boring standard and oversize
    • Centerline shift in horizontal and vertical direction
    • Machining of thrust faces
    • Re-bushing of main bearing and camshaft pockets
    • High tolerance in line boring of any cylindrical components or rotating machinery