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2-Stroke Engine Components Reconditioning


Each year Goltens’ stations recondition an average of around 5,000 critical 2-stroke engine components weighing over three million kilograms, dramatically reducing the environmental impact of engine operations by extending component life cycles.

As the world’s economies and major maritime and power corporations look for ways to limit the negative impacts of their operations on the global environment, the long-proven process of reconditioning core engine components is being looked at from a fresh angle. Reconditioning of piston crowns, connecting rods, exhaust valves and other major 2-stroke engine components has traditionally been viewed as an economical approach to engine operation and maintenance, but with the increasing focus on reducing carbon footprints, the environmental benefits of reusing components as opposed to consuming new ones are clear.


Goltens is a preferred 2-stroke reconditioning service provider for some of the world’s largest operators and reconditions an average of 1,400 two-stroke pistons, 1,550 exhaust valve spindles, 1,130 valve seats, 300 piston skirts and 300 cylinder covers per year along with hundreds of other components. Assigning an average weight to each of these components, Goltens’ work results in an estimated reuse of over three million kilograms/three thousand tonnes per year of steel that is not sent to scrap and does not need to be mined and processed to make new components.

  • 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, piston reconditioning, valve reconditioning, piston skirt reconditioning

    Reconditioned 2-Stroke Engine Components

  • 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, piston reconditioning, valve reconditioning, piston skirt reconditioning, cnc machine shop, Goltens Singapore

    Goltens' workshop facility in Singapore

  • 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, piston reconditioning, valve reconditioning, piston skirt reconditioning, submerged arc welding, piston crown reconditioning

    Submerged Arc Welding Piston crown

  • 2-stroke piston chroming, 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, piston reconditioning, valve reconditioning, piston skirt reconditioning, submerged arc welding, piston crown reconditioning

    2-Stroke Chroming facility

  • cnc machining, cnc piston machining, cnc vertical milling, 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, piston reconditioning, piston skirt reconditioning, piston crown reconditioning

    CNC Vertical Milling of piston crown

  • Grinding of piston ring grooves

  • 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, valve reconditioning, submerged arc welding, valve spindle reconditioning

    Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Welding on valve spindle

  • cnc machining, cnc machining valve spindle, 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, valve reconditioning

    Machining valve spindle on CNC Horizontal Lathe

  • 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, cylinder cover reconditioning, submerged arc welding, cnc machining cylinder cover

    Machining of 2 Stroke Cylinder Cover on CNC Vertical Lathe

  • 2-stroke diesel reconditioning, 2-stroke connecting rod repair, workshop reconditioning

    2 Stroke connecting rod repair


Over our 80-plus years of service to the market, Goltens has reconditioned countless components for the maritime and power industries. Adherence to tight, ISO-controlled, and marine Class-certified processes has resulted in a near zero defect rate and the confident expectation of our customers of a second (or third) full life cycle for the component. Every component delivered by Goltens follows the exacting standards of the OEM without unnecessary consumption of raw materials associated with a new component.


In general, reconditioning has been viewed as economical by the market when the price to recondition the piece is 50% or less than the price of new one. Substantial investments in CNC tooling, supply chain management, process reengineering and quality controls have enabled Goltens to continue to offer this invaluable service at competitive rates that meet this price sensitive criteria and limit the impacts of large-bore diesel engines on the environment.

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