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Large Bore 4-Stroke Engine Component Reconditioning and Repair

With over 80 years of proven delivery, Goltens is the only choice for your large bore 4-Stroke engine reconditioning and workshop maintenance needs.

Regardless of make or model and whether your requirements are for component reconditioning or something larger like block or bedplate repairs, Goltens has the experience and capability to return your engine components to service in the most cost effective and expert manner possible.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Big end connecting rod bores need to be checked at every major overhaul interval. After 1,000s of running hours, 4-stroke connecting rods often develop ovality in the large end bore resulting in a lengthening along the vertical axis and a narrowing along the horizontal. If this deformation is not addressed and new bearings are installed the results can be catastrophic and result in extensive crankshaft damage or even worse.

Goltens reconditions hundreds of 4-stroke connecting rods each year by removing material from the mating surfaces and boring the big end back to OEM specification giving the expensive component another lifecycle in the engine.

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Cylinder Head Overhaul

With service agreements in place with some of the world’s largest merchant and offshore operators to complete periodic overhaul of their vessels’ cylinder heads, Goltens is a true and trusted specialist. With diesel workshops outfitted specifically to support the workflow associated with overhauling cylinder heads, quality and control are maintained from receipt to delivery.

Whether cylinder heads have mild wear or have experienced extensive wear due to cavitation and corrosion, Goltens can fully overhaul (inclusive of oversize seats) and return your heads fully pressure tested and ready for installation in your engine.

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Crankshaft Reconditioning/Crankshaft Bench Grinding

Goltens has a long history of reconditioning damaged crankshafts in our workshops around the world. Many stations are equipped with precision centerless grinding machines that enable Goltens to recondition damaged crankshafts with exacting standards. When in-situ machining is impractical due to the extent of damage on the crankshaft or a lack of space in the engine compartment, the crankshaft will need to be removed and repaired in the workshop.

In the event the crankshaft cannot be salvaged, Goltens is often, via our Global network, able to supply fully reconditioned, Class approved, replacement crankshafts at a fraction of the cost of a new crankshaft.

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Cylinder Liner Honing

When a cylinder liner is new it has a rough interior liner surface to sustain a lube oil film between the piston rings and liner. This reduces friction and wear on both the rings and the liner. Over extended periods, cylinder liners to develop uneven wear patterns resulting in ovality, scuffing and glazing that removes the round, rough surface required for proper functioning.

Provided the wear is within maker tolerances, Goltens can recondition the liners with special purpose honing machines. These honing machines restore the roundness of the cylinder bore (at a slightly larger diameter) and restore the rough surface required to optimize lubrication and minimize unnecessary lube oil consumption.


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Governors/Engine Controls

Goltens locations across the globe maintain service and distribution facilities for Woodward Governors and/or Heinzmann/Regulateurs Europa. Goltens provides a full range of products and services for all engine control repair and upgrade needs.

To read in more detail about our governor and controls capabilities, please click here.

Turbocharger Service and Parts

Many Goltens stations around the globe operate fully equipped turbocharger workshops to respond quickly whether to routine overhaul and maintenance requirements, balancing or onboard troubleshooting and repair. Our workshop and field technicians are well trained and capable of handling any type of repair requirement.

Goltens is able to source OEM and non-OEM parts for most major makes and models of turbochargers (ABB, MAN, Napier, KBB). Goltens supplies only the highest quality spare parts and supplies standard warranty terms that will meet any competitor’s.

Block/Bedplate Repairs

For a variety of reasons, sometimes repairs that could be completed onboard the vessel or at the power plant are chosen to be done in the workshop. Whether the damaged engine block or bedplate requires line boring, metal stitching or some other type of machining repair, Goltens’ fully equipped machine shops have the right machinery and equipment to restore your engine to full operation at OEM specifications.

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Let Goltens Solve Your Challenge

Goltens is the right partner for ship owners and power plant operators all over the world. Response to all service enquiries typically falls within 12 hours.

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