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X-Y Milling Of Cooler Box Plates

On-site Machining Tools Used In Workshop To Machine Pieces Too Large ForWorkshop Machines

VARD, a major global shipbuilder of offshore and specialized vessels approached Goltens to machine a number of surfaces on cooler box plates.

The plates were large, measuring 1,600mm x 3,800mm with a thickness of 50mm. The dimensions of the plates made them too large for Goltens’ installed milling machines.

As an alternative, Goltens proposed solving the challenge with its large-scale 3000i X-Y Milling machine. The machine, designed and built by Goltens, was normally used for on-site / in-situ machining applications, but with some careful preparation could be used to solve VARD’s requirements.

  • Goltens in-place machining techs XY-Milling cooler box plate

    XY-Milling cooler box plate Vietnam

  • Goltens in-place machining techs XY-Milling cooler box plate


Each cooler box plate needed to be machined in 4 to 5 locations where it would be mounted to the Cooler. This included both face and ID machining. The specification required flatness after machining of 0.4 to 0.6mm.

Goltens undertook the challenge and fabricated a foundation to place the cooler box in position.


Customer name: VARD CO.,LTD
Box plate Dimensions: 3,800mmL x 1600mmW (1 pc.)
3,485mmL x 2035mmW (2 pc.)
Work period: 2 weeks


  • Inspection of Cooler Box Plate
  • Fabrication of foundation to place the plate for machining
  • X-Y milling to the drawing specifications provided by the shipyard
  • Performed post machining flatness measurements
  • Drilling Ø18 x 580 holes
  • Flange dimension:
    • 3800mmL x 1600mmW x 1no
    • 3485mmL x 2035mmW x 2nos


The results were reviewed and accepted by both the Shipyard and the owner. Goltens Vietnam completed this machining within 2 weeks closely coordinating with the shipyard in order to meet owner’s urgent schedule.

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