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The Price Of Saving Money On Woodward Service


Goltens acquired a “serviced” UG15D governor from a governor repair shop claiming to be Woodward authorized. Physically the governor looked like a UG15D however after further inspection was found to be only partially serviced and rebuilt with incorrect parts and worn parts.

  • High risk posed by using wrong parts in a Woodward UG15D governor

    Pilot valve bushings indicating the pump difference

  • Goltens found the stop solenoid in the woodward UG15D governor unserviced

    Neglected and unserviced stop solenoid

  • Goltens found hardened oil seals on the Woodward UG15D governor front panel

    Hardened oil seals on UG15D front panel


  • Incorrect Parts – a smaller pump, incapable of the designed 240 psi output pressure, was used. This meant the governor could not create the required output torque during load transients. This potentially causes sluggish engine performance and even an overspeed, especially during load rejection or starting.
  • Incomplete Service – The shutdown solenoid had not been serviced at all and was dirty. Further, the spring washer protecting the solenoid from engine vibration was damaged. This could cause the solenoid windings to fail making it inoperative during an emergency shutdown.
  • Reuse of Worn Parts -The oil seals had not been replaced and were hard which would cause the governor to leak oil.


This engine would no longer be compliant with the engine OEM Type Approval Certificate (TAC) as explained below:

  • This governor would not perform as designed potentially leading to overspeed and under frequency events as well as load sharing variations with other engines during system disturbances. This might not be noticed until the vessel is in a critical situation such as maneuvering or in a storm.
  • The complete failure to service the shutdown solenoid is a safety issue. The solenoid must be checked mechanically and electrically to ensure its integrity and failure to do so could cause serious damage should the engine fail to stop after a trip initiation from the engine safety system.


The importance of using Woodward approved and authorized governor service is to ensure your Woodward Governors are maintained to Woodward standards to ensure proper function, minimize risk and not compromise safety.

Only Woodward approved AISF’s have access to correct specialized tooling, processes, bill of materials, latest revisions, work instruction, training, support and genuine Woodward parts. Goltens prides itself on delivering a quality service to the above requirements and is audited accordingly.

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