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Steam Turbine Rotor Shaft Machining - Indonesia


Goltens received an urgent call from a power plant in the city of Gorontalo in Sulawesi. The plant’s 10MW Shandong Jinan steam turbine suffered a bearing failure resulting in a damaged rotor shaft. The power plant is a vital source of power to the city and minimizing downtime was critical.

  • Steam plant where Goltens repaired a Steam Turbine rotor shaft

    Steam plant in Gorontalo Sulawesi

  • Goltens technicians inspecting a damaged steam turbine rotor shaft

    Inspection of the damaged rotor shaft journal

  • Rigging a damaged turbine rotor from turbine casing for machining

    Removal of the rotor shaft from the turbine casing

  • Rigging of damaged steam turbine shaft to location for machining

    Rigging the rotor shaft to the repair location

  • Goltens technicians machining damaged turbine rotor shaft journal

    Grinding damaged journal surface

  • Turbine rotor shaft journal after in-place machining by Goltens

    Journal finished at 199.5mm


Goltens Indonesia immediately deployed one of its In-Place Machining experts to the site. Goltens performed a thorough inspection of the damaged journal inclusive of magnaflux and hardness inspections.

The surface of the 200mm diameter journal was damaged but no deep cracks or irreparable damage was found. Goltens quickly mobilized the required tools to the site along with machining specialists to machine the journal to undersize.


Goltens’ machinists managed to salvage the shaft with the least possible material removal, taking only 0.5mm from the shaft for a finished diameter or 199.5mm. Final polishing and inspection to confirm final measurements were then completed and the plant could get to work restoring the turbine to operation.

Goltens completed this repair in only 4 days on site.

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