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Creative on-site machining solution restores kiln to operation

Machining corrects post weld deformation on kiln pads

A local steel fabrication and repair company contacted Goltens to propose a solution to rectify post weld deformation on the running pads on a kiln. The 17-ton kiln’s 350mm wide pads had developed Ovality along the running surfaces that needed to be cleared and restored to round.

Goltens proposed a solution to machine the enormous piece on site at the customer’s facility, alleviating the need to transport the heavy piece to the workshop. Goltens mobilized tools and technicians immediately to meet the tight schedule set by the customer.

Goltens modified the customer’s existing cradle setup to enable machining while keeping the machining head in a fixed position and rotating the piece. Goltens technicians then loaded the kiln onto the cradle and machined the kiln back to round in short order.

  • 17 ton Kiln mounted in work yard

  • Installation of customized machining set up

  • Milling of running surface of kiln

  • Milling of running surface of kiln


Kiln Pad Machining
Length: 7,800 mm
Diameter: 3,564 mm
Weight: 17 Tons
Material removed from Radius: 4.0 mm


  • Fabricated custom cradle
  • Machined 4 mm from the radius of both 350mm wide pads
  • Completed grinding and polishing on pads


Goltens removed Ovality from the kiln pads and completed this job from start to finish in only 4 days allowing the customer to meet delivery schedules.

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