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In-situ Machining & Laser Flatness Check Onboard FPSO Conversion Ship in Singapore Shipyard

Flange Facing Pump Foundation Skids

Goltens recently completed in-situ machining and laser flatness checks of pump foundation skids onboard a FPSO conversion ship at a local Singapore Shipyard.

Goltens In-Situ machinists reviewed the pump foundation skid job specifications with the customer Project Manager and determined that they would need to use their laser equipment and flange facing equipment to perform the job.

Goltens set up flange facing machines to machine off 5 to 7mm from the pump skid surface, pump support and motor skid to achieve the flatness and parallelism according the drawing provided by customer.

Goltens used its laser equipment to check that the skid plates were all perfectly flat and parallel. The results were crosschecked by customer quality control and all surfaces passed without fail.

  • Goltens machinists setting up flange facer on foundation skids

    Goltens machinists setting up flange facer on foundation skids

  • Pump foundation skids

    Pump foundations skids

  • Goltens technicians machining pump foundation skids

    Goltens technicians machining pump foundation skids


Pump Foundation Skid Quantity and Dimensions:
– Length 700 mm x Width 185 mm x 2pcs
– Length 330 mm x Width 140 mm x 2pcs
– Length 655 mm x Width 590 mm x 1pc
– Length 390 mm x Width 200 mm x 1pc
– Length 760 mm x Width 200 mm x 2pcs
– Length 430 mm x Width 210 mm x 2pcs


  • Laser flatness checks of welded pump foundation skid plates on pump skid, pump support and motor skid.
  • Machine each foundation skid and control the thickness and flatness as per specifications.


The satisfied customer commented that the complex job was completed on time and that final results were excellent and extremely accurate.

He also commented that it was good to see service company thinking outside of the box, utilizing a flange facing machine for a job where most all have a traditional milling machine in mind.

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