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Bergen Crankshaft Replacement on AHTS Offshore Supply Vessel


Goltens was engaged by Rolls Royce to inspect the damage on a Bergen B32:40L8P crankshaft onboard an Anchor Handling Tug (AHTS) in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

As the maximum undersize for the crankshaft in -2.00mm, the shipowner decided to proceed with the replacement of the crankshaft on the recommendation of the maker.


Goltens created a work procedure and schedule for the replacement of the crankshaft that was reviewed and approved by the maker and owner. Goltens then manufactured the tools required to lift the engine block and removed the condemned shaft, counterweights, pistons and connecting rods to Goltens workshop.

In the workshop, Goltens technicians refit the flywheel and damper to the new crankshaft and performed contact tests between the counterweights and the shaft. In addition, Goltens completed calibration checks and overhauled all pistons and connecting rods, replacing the two damaged connecting rods with onboard spare.


All components were packed and prepared for transfer back to the vessel where preparations to rig and install the new crankshaft had already been made. Once rigged into the engine room, Goltens installed the crankshaft and rebuilt the engine with the overhauled components.

  • Bergen Engine crankshaft replacement

    Lewek Penguin

  • Replacement Bergen diesel engine crankshaft

    Replacement crankshaft being delivered to the vessel

  • Rigging of replacement Bergen diesel crankshaft onboard

    Rigging of replacement crankshaft onboard

  • Bergen diesel engine crankshaft replacement

    New crankshaft in engine room

  • Condemned Bergen diesel crankshaft shaft being rigged off of vessel

    Condemned shaft being rigged off of vessel

  • Rebuilding Bergen diesel engine

    Rebuilding engine

Laser alignment was performed on the engine and the team chocked the engine with Chockfast® Orange. Once complete, the engine was flushed and checked by the Rolls Royce engineer and dock and sea trials were completed with no issues. The entire repair was completed in only 20 days and the vessel was returned to service.


Crankshaft Replacement
Engine: Bergen B32:40L8P
Location: Vung Tau, Vietnam
Vessel: Lewek Penguin
Tonnage: 2,437 DWT
Vessel Type: AHTS/DP2
Horsepower: 10,800 BHP

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