Diesel Engines

Diesel Engine Crankshaft Reconditioning

When in-situ machining is impractical due to the extent of damage on the crankshaft or a lack of space in the engine compartment, the crankshaft will need to be removed.

Goltens has a long history of reconditioning damaged crankshafts in our workshops around the world. Many stations are equipped with precision centerless grinding machines that enable Goltens to recondition damaged crankshafts with exacting standards.

Over the decades, Goltens has refined a process for annealing crankshafts and other shafting and can do this successfully in-place as well as in our workshops around the world. A deep understanding of the metallurgy, expansion characteristics and safety precautions has been developed and refined over the years into a safe, repeatable, highly controlled process.

In the event the crankshaft cannot be salvaged, Goltens is often, via our Global network, able to supply fully reconditioned crankshaft replacements at a fraction of the cost of a new crankshaft.

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