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Highspeed diesel overhaul service

General overhaul of 7 units Mitsubishi S16R-PTA-S gensets at Langsa diesel power plant

An Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Aceh, Indonesia entrusted Goltens to carry out the general overhaul of their 7 Mitsubishi S16R-PTA-S gensets.

The project required detailed planning and timely execution as the plant provides electicity production to the public grid and unexpected disruption or downtime would cause a shortage of supply.

Prior to deploying the diesel team to Aceh, Goltens sent one Senior Diesel Engineer to ensure the spare parts kits were complete and to take initial perfromance measurements on the 7 generators prior to overhaul.

  • 7 unit Mitsubishi S16R-PTA-S Engines in Indonesia

    7 unit Mitsubishi S16R-PTA-S Engines in Indonesia

  • Cleaning of block liner bore

    Cleaning of block liner bore

  • Securing turbocharger in place after overhaul

    Securing turbocharger in place after overhaul

  • Technicians disassembling the engine

    Technicians disassembling the engine

  • Test running/commissioning of engine

    Test running/commissioning of engine


RPM: 1500 rpm
Output: 1708 kVA
Generator: Stamford Type MG-7PF
Year: 2011
Units: 7 units
Location: Aceh – Indonesia


  • General overhaul of diesel engine as per Maker manual instructions
  • Recondition of all Turbochargers
  • Overhaul and calibration of governors
  • Calibration and overhaul of engine components i.e. cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, etc.
  • Recondition and calibration of fuel injection pumps and injectors at workshop
  • Renewal of cylinder liners
  • Renewal of crankpin bearings and main bearing shells
  • Dismount and remount the alternator
  • Chemical cleaning of radiator
  • Calibration and fuctional test of safety devices
  • Engine commissioning, no load and load test
  • 72 hours engine reliability test


As a result of seamless coordination between the on-site diesel service team and the workshop service team, Goltens completed the job within the agreed time frame of eight (8) days per engine finishing within the total project window of 60 days for the 7 units.

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