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In-Situ journal machining - 74,000 DWT Tanker

Intermediate shaft journal renewal

At the specific request of the ship owner, a regional shipyard engaged Goltens for the inspection and potential renewal of a 74,000 DWT Tanker’s damaged intermediate shaft journal. Goltens quickly responded and In-situ machining specialists immediately set off to inspect the damaged intermediate shaft journal.

After inspection, Goltens discussed the magnitude of the damage with the vessel’s superintendent and shipyard technical advisor and a repair plan and schedule was put in place.

Goltens mobilized its specialized tooling and equipment to the vessel and ran two continuous to complete the job due to compressed time requirements.

  • Installation of grinding tools on 455mm shaft

  • Rough grinding of the journal

  • Finish grinding to final undersize


Tonnage: 74,000 DWT
Main Engine: MAN B&W 5S60MC-C
Original OD: 455.00mm
Undersize: -1.00mm
Length: 430.00mm


  • Full inspection of intermediate shaft journal
  • Rough grinding the shaft journal to undersize
  • Finishing grinding the shaft journal to undersize 1.00mm
  • Calibration to finial dimension


Goltens technicians completed the whole grinding process within 6 days, without affecting the ship’s dry-dock schedule. The ship owner and shipyard were impressed by Goltens’ professional service and thorough plan and execution.

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