Schoenrock Marine Systems

SCHOENROCK is a leading, specialized supplier of hydraulically operated watertight sliding (bulkhead) doors, bow and stern ramps, movable as well as fixed car decks, side shell doors and other type of cargo access equipment.

SMAG/Peiner Grabs
SMAG/Peiner Grabs

Products available from Schoenrock via Goltens include:

  • Hydraulic Watertight Sliding Door SHIPTIGHT
  • Electric Watertight Sliding Door SHIPTIGHT
  • Hydraulic Watertight Sliding Door
  • Electric Watertight Navy Door SHOCKTIGHT
  • Sliding Door FLOODTIGHT
  • Hydraulic Watertight Shell Door
  • Ventilation Duct Closing Systems
  • Laser Safety Strip

Goltens UAE, Bahrain and India are the appointed Sales and service agents for Schoenrock in the region.