Rebabbitting White Metal Bearings And Stern Tubes

For 70+ years Goltens has been a leader in centrifugal casting of white metal bearings for bearing reconditioning and rebabbitting of bearings for Marine, Stationary Power and Industrial applications. Learn more.

Every year Goltens stations around the globe recondition thousands of bearings with the most exacting tolerances.

Goltens was a pioneer in the field developing proprietary centrifugal casting machinery to meet the highest tolerances and quickly repair and recondition bearings.

We specialize in saving our customers time and money by reconditioning worn and damaged bearings with the quickest possible turnaround times. Our focus is always minimizing the downtime of your equipment and helping avoid the acquisition costs of new replacement bearings.

After casting, every bearing is machined to the maker’s specifications and shipped back in a like-new condition.

Types of Bearings ReconditionedTypes of Bearings Reconditioned

  • Crankshaft Bearings
  • Crosshead Bearings
  • Intermediate Bearings
  • Turbine Bearings
  • Pump Bearings
  • Main Gear Bearings
  • Thrust Pads for Main Shafts, Turbines, Crankshafts
  • Stern Tube Bearings

    Goltens Bearing Reconditioning AdvantagesGoltens Bearing Reconditioning Advantages

    • Specially designed tools and machinery for rebabbitting
    • Customized procedures and specially trained technicians to complete the job
    • The ability to undertake bearings from 50mm to over 1000mm diameter.
    • The vast experience of having rebabbitted over 100,000 bearings
    • Precision machining of bearings to suit dimension drawings
    • Library that includes specifications / drawings for most engines
    • Ample White Metal Stock in inventory
    • Competent non destructive Testing technicians to undertake bond testing.
    • Assistance in obtaining Marine Classification services for inspection and certification of re-metalled bearing.

      Typical causes for Bearing Meltdown/FailureTypical causes for Bearing Meltdown/Failure

      • Misalignment
      • Loss of lubrication
      • Oil Contamination
      • Extended Running Hours/Wear and Tear