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Sulphur Emission Compliance Solutions

Retrofits to Operate on Lower Sulphur Content Fuels

One option is to modify vessels to run on emissions compliant fuel types like LNG or low sulphur marine gas oil (LSMGO). Outside of the LNG fleet, conversion to LNG is rarely cost effective in a retrofit situation but conversions to accommodate the use of LSMGO can generally be made with only minor modifications and significantly less capital investment. Options are presented below:



As an alternative solution to expensive and invasive exhaust gas cleaning installations, some operators are pursuing operating on LSMGO but this is not as simple as just switching fuel type. Low sulphur marine fuels have a much lower viscosity than traditional fuel sources and not all marine diesel engines can run on it without some system modification. Damage can occur to critical parts of the fuel injection system in case no measures are taken. By introducing LSMGO coolers into the system, operators are able to increase the viscosity and safely utilize the lower sulphur content fuels. Similar to ballast water treatment, Goltens is assisting owners to identify locations and create effective design solutions and offering turnkey solutions for the installation of these systems. As a result, there is as little invasion and interruption in the vessel’s operation as possible.



The majority of the global LNG fleet are steam propulsion vessels with 2 x HP & HT dual firing main boilers (running on LNG boil off gas plus HFO). Goltens is offering a turnkey solution to convert the vessel’s main boilers to tri-fuel by adding LSMGO into the equation. This involves burner and boiler control system modification in collaboration with key OEM’s and design and installation of a parallel LSMGO fuel supply system. More significantly, Goltens’ turnkey solution provides operators with fuel selection flexibility and increased global trading opportunities, allowing operators to more freely participate in the spot market.

Following the same process of laser scanning, design and retrofit applied in the ballast water treatment arena, Goltens packages solutions that allow for turn-key, class-approved retrofits that minimize downtime and costs while meeting compliance regulations.

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