Green Technologies

Other Applications of the Process

Dual fuel retrofits of diesel engines
Goltens has the ability to undertake the retrofit of installed diesel generators to run on dual fuel, closely cooperating with market leading manufacturers. These retrofits involve the installation of complex piping and
control systems, and the scanning and design process increases accuracy and speeds the installation.

Reverse engineering
Goltens Green Technologies has experience in reverse engineering to create complex models used for risk mitigation and integration into detailed engineering for upgrades and modifications. Typically applied to
compound curvature of hulls and propellers. 

Piping renewals
Goltens Green Technologies is also able to create detailed isometric drawings of piping systems and prefabricate the pipe spools to dramatically reduce installation time.

Piping database
For vessels subject to excessive wear and tear on their piping systems, having a predesigned set of drawings “in the box” can be very beneficial. All details with regard to exact size and material specification are in the Goltens database for prefabrication at the location of choice.

Challenging rigging work
Goltens utilizes scanning and modeling to determine the optimal routes for machinery movement and removal with the minimum possible disruption and hull cutting.

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