Diesel Engines

Diesel Engine Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

In this case, there are few companies in the world, if any, that can diagnose, plan and execute restoration from a catastrophic diesel engine failure all with its own resources like Goltens. Our global presence and the depth of our capabilities in Diesel engine service and In-Situ machining make us truly unique in the market today. Goltens on-site diesel engine maintenance capabilities reduce downtime for marine diesel engines and stationary diesel generators and our world-class diesel engine workshops offer reconditioning services for a wide range of critical diesel engine parts.

Engine Diagnostics - "Diesel Doctor"
Goltens has teams of specially trained Service Engineers to carry out engine performance analysis and troubleshooting using the portable "Diesel Doctor". We can also provide Vibration and Noise Analysis, Engine Inspection Programs, troubleshooting and repair preparations to reduce maintenance and operation costs while increasing machinery performance, efficiency and reliability.

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