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HighPROTEC Line is the latest generation protection relays from SEG/Woodward.

These advanced protection relays are easily applicable for generator protection (including differential protection), directional and non-directional feeder transformer protection, and motor protection. The innovative device handling and PC tool with plausibility check and internal fault simulator, combined with high flexible hardware minimized commissioning, training costs and setting failures. The all in one protection concept for the different application guaranties a high availability of your electrical equipment. The parameterizing and analyzing software Smart view SE is usable for each HighPROTEC device and free of charge.

MCA4-2 – Differential Feeder Protection

The MCA4 is a HighPROTEC line protection Relay. It is a precise and reliable protection, control and monitoring relay for feeder, grid and generator applications


MRA4-2 – Differential Feeder Protection

The MRA4 is a high precision and reliable protection and control relay from HighPROTEC family. The device is a bench mark in flexibility and usability and offers various communication options. The hardware is designed for all nominal values in combination with protection and control functionality.


MRI4-2 – Non-directional Feeder Protection Relay

The MRI4 is a combined non-directional Overcurrent and Earth-FAULT Relay uses the latest Dual-Core-Processor Technology to provide precise and reliable protective functions, ideal for the protection of isolated, resonant, resistive and solidly earthed neutral systems. It is designed to be used in both radial networks and single fed open ring main systems. It can also serve as backup protection for differential protection systems on generators, transformers, bus bars and electrical lines.


MRU4-2 — Voltage and Frequency Relay

The compact design of the MRU4 makes this ideal for installation within the LV terminal compartments of compact MV system. It is designed to protect electrical equipment from dangerous voltage fluctuations.


MRMV4-2 – Motor Protection with Voltage Measurement

The MRMV4 provides all necessary functions to protect low and medium voltage motors at all power levels. The protection functions are based on current and voltage measurement and supervise all thermal conditions, motor start sequence, stall and locked rotor, undercurrent and incomplete sequence.


MRM4-2 – Motor Protection

The MRM4 is a protection relay which uses the latest Dual-Core-Processor Technology to provide precise and reliable protective functions and is very easy to operate. The protection functions are based on current measurement. All important events and measuring values will be logged by means of the start, event, failure and disturbance recorder.


MCDGV4-2 – Generator Differential Protection Relay

The generator differential protection relay MCDGV4 is a high precision protection relay for medium and high power generators. In addition to the phase and earth differential protection, the device provides a variety of generator-specific protection functions. The package comprises phase, earth current, voltage, frequency and power protection. In addition to that the device offers an under voltage directional reactive power protection with reconnection function and an adjustable Fault Ride Through (FRT) with AR detection.


MCDTV4-2 – Transformer Differential Protection Relay

The MCDTV4 offers an all-in-one solution for HV, MV and LV transformers and it offers much more than just a differential protection package. MCDTV4 can be used for mains protection at the point of common coupling (e.g. for directional reactive power under voltage protection). The integrated backup protection package enables the MCDTV4 to act as backup protection (e.g. for downstream breakers)


MRDT4-2 — Non Directional Transformer Relay

The various protective functions of the MRDT4 are specifically tailored to the protection of two winding transformers. The device offers in addition to the differential protection various communication and backup protection functions.



MCDLV4-2 Cable and Line Differential Protection Relay

The MCDLV4 protection system protects cables and lines up to 24 km. The system is able to replace up to six protection devices



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