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Condition Monitoring

Light Structures – Fiber Optic Condition Monitoring Systems for Shipping, Oil & Gas Industries

Light Structures is the world-leading supplier of fiber optic condition monitoring systems based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology (FBG). Fiber optic systems offer excellent reliability and unique data quality compared to conventional technology.

The core SENSFIB system can give the crew and operator/manager real time vital information about the hull/containment system/structure. Light Structures’ patented SENSFIB product range includes Hull Stress Monitoring, Ice Load Monitoring, Sloshing Monitoring, FPSO Monitoring with Light Structures’ customized HullInfo software. In addition to operational data, Light Structures’ systems provide data for Active Fatigue Management reports.

Commercial Marine Solutions

Naval/Coast Guard Solutions

Cruise/Expedition Solutions

Hull Stress Monitoring

SENSFIB Global – Basic Hull Stress Monitoring
SENSFIB Global is Light Structures’ basic HSM solution and corresponds to the most common class notations for monitoring global loads (girder stress). As a pioneer within FBG technology, and a long-standing relationship with major class societies developing Light Structures’ unique concepts makes them a preferred monitoring partner. With increased complexity in Light Structures’ markets, they are continuously developing competence and technology to maintain their leading position. Light Structure delivers systems according to DNV GL HMON, ABS HM, BV MONHULL, ClassNK and LR hull monitoring rules.

SENSFIB Plus – Advanced Hull Stress Monitoring
SENSFIB Plus is Light Structures’ more comprehensive monitoring solution for owners that want more than the basic girder stress and slamming information provided by SENSFIB Global.

Examples of additional functionality that can be added to the SENSFIB Plus system includes:

  • Side shell fatigue monitoring
  • Slamming and ice response monitoring
  • Sloshing load monitoring on tank walls (for membrane type LNG-tankers)
  • Design-specific sensors on innovative vessels
  • Extended interfacing to other systems onboard for decision support.

SENSFIB Navy™ – Navy and Coast Guard
SENSFIB Navy™ is especially suited for high-speed vessels, catamarans and composite hulls. The system reduces the risk of accumulating damage during non-critical operations.

By monitoring the stress responses in the hull structure during operations Light Structure can provide the navigators with online information about the load margin, even for novel hull designs and material choices. The same data is stored and analyzed, and gives valuable input for maintenance planning and fleet utilization.

Hull Stress Monitoring

Active Fatigue Management

Light Structures offers services in data management onshore to help the maintenance planners and other onshore personnel manage the assets in the best way.

Reports, which summarize the hull condition, are available based on data from the HSM system. Data can be transferred for onshore analysis on backup media. Regular condition reports are a supplement to inspections and provide hull status documentation that can be used towards maintenance planning, customers, authorities, environmental groups and potential buyers.

Sloshing Monitoring

SENSFIB Sloshing™ combines sloshing impact data with operational data from a range of onboard data sources (navigation system, loading computer, propulsion system etc).

With SENSFIB™ Sloshing you can monitor cargo motion and make the best operational decisions based on the risks to tank integrity. The system represents a large improvement in real time risk assessment on LNG carriers, as the system is based on direct measurements on the tanks and not a simulation model.

SENSFIB Sloshing™ is the world’s leading technology on sloshing monitoring. Light Structures’ advanced fiber optic technology is approved by all the major classification societies. SENSFIB Sloshing™ is available as standalone or as supplement to the SENSFIB Hull™.

SENSFIB Sloshing™ can also be customized with a prediction system.

Sloshing Monitoring

Ice Load Monitoring

Ice loads exceeding the design load are a major risk for the hull and may cause permanent damage to the hull and interrupt operation.

SENSFIB Ice Load Monitoring system measures the actual load on the hull and displays the utilization factor of the hull structure before yield (permanent damage). The system features a bridge display for presenting actual loads in real time, contributing to more safe and effective operation helping the navigator making informed decisions.

SENSFIB Ice™ derived from a DNV project in 2007 and is the world’s leading technology on ice load monitoring. Light Structures’ advanced fiber optic technology is approved by all the major classification societies and is a vital tool for the increasing number of navigators without former arctic experience who will operate these vessels in the future. SENSFIB Ice™ can easily be retrofitted and the return on investment is attractive as the vessel can both be better utilized and the maintenance costs are kept down.

Ice Load Monitoring

Integrated Marine Monitoring

The SENSFIB Integrated Marine Monitoring System™ combines a number of different monitoring solutions in a single package:

  • SENSFIB Hull™ for basic data acquisition from fiber optic sensor systems and interfaced systems.
  • SENSFIB Fatigue Monitoring™ based on rain flow counting from actual stress histories. Extensions for low-cycle fatigue is available, as well as a data management and reporting service – SENSFIB Active Fatigue Management™
  • Motion sensors (6DOF) and radar-based sea state monitoring are available for inclusion in the package. A mooring monitoring front end is available for monitoring offsets and mooring related motions.
  • SENSFIB Design Evaluation™ is an advisory function for tracking the actual fatigue damage accumulation compared to the fatigue design and hull response model using a spectral fatigue calculation approach.

Integrated Marine Monitoring

Mooring Tension Monitoring

The SENSFIB FPSO system can be extended with a mooring tension display for moored offshore structures. The graphical display (GUI) shows the present position and bearing of the structure/hull relative to the ideal position and bearing, as well as the current tension or load on the mooring lines.

The Mooring Monitoring package also provides functions for evaluating mooring line integrity, and may be combined with the Active Fatigue Management package to
calculate fatigue in the mooring structures.

By monitoring the stress responses in the hull structure during operations we can provide the navigators with real time information about the load margins ‑ and provide support for the decision-making. The same data will be stored and analyzed, and will give valuable input for maintenance planning and fleet utilization.

Light Structures is represented in the Singaporean market by Goltens Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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