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For 76 years Goltens has been providing our high demand, specialized services anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our services include a full range of large scale and small scale specialized tools to handle almost any challenge our customers present.

Crankshaft and Journal MachiningCrankshaft and Journal Machining

Goltens has long been the leader in In-Situ crankshaft and journal grinding and machining. As the first company in the world to complete In-Situ crankshaft grinding in the early 1950s, Goltens’ patents on its In-Situ crankshaft grinding tooling revolutionized the industry with massive reductions in down time for owners coping with crankshaft failure and damaged journals.

    Annealing and Hardness RemovalAnnealing and Hardness Removal

    As the market leader in marine crankshaft machining, Goltens encounters many failures which result in areas of excessive hardness every year. Loss of a crankshaft or other rotating shaft due to high hardness values is a costly, time consuming and extremely disruptive occurrence. Goltens provides expert crankshaft failure analysis and heat treatment/annealing around the globe coupled with in-situ machining solutions that minimize downtime.

      In-Situ Line BoringIn-Situ Line Boring

      Not all crankshaft failures can be easily corrected by Machining or Grinding. Sometimes the damage is so severe that the engine pockets have been damaged and the engine requires Line Boring.

        Stern Tube BoringStern Tube Boring

        Whether your repair is casualty related, part of a routine overhaul or maintenance interval or required for a newbuild project, Goltens can mobilize the technicians and specialized tooling to line bore stern tubes of any dimension and length.

          General On-Site MachiningGeneral On-Site Machining

          Goltens’ In-Situ/On-Site machining capability eliminates the logistical and cost related issues that go along with repairs and major replacements on any large equipment that is not easily moved. Goltens expert In-Situ technicians perform a number of on-site machining procedures including large scale flange facing, surface machining and more. We can mobilize a wide range of equipment to your site, ensuring that your equipment is operational as soon as possible.

            Metal StitchingMetal Stitching

            On-site Metal stitching is often the only reasonable method to repair cast iron cracks and salvage what is otherwise a condemned component or major piece of machinery. Traditional welding methods are not effective for repairing cast iron and other cast metals and in many cases can result in more damage to the piece being welded.

              Laser AlignmentLaser Alignment

              Goltens’ In-Situ technicians have broad expertise as it relates to the use of state of the art laser alignment tools. Goltens utilizes these tools and techniques on a daily basis in conjunction with the performance of its other In-Situ Services and it is this repeated high tolerance usage that makes our technicians some of the best in the world.

                Whether your in-situ machining requirements are an emergency casualty response for a damaged crankshaft or journal or a large scale flange facing as part of a planned maintenance shutdown, Goltens has the skills and tooling required to get you up and running in the fastest, most accurate and cost effective manner possible.

                Behind our strength is the breadth and depth of our global network in 15 countries around the world which gives us the ability to respond quickly to both routine and specialty requirements.

                Goltens’ excellent reputation for short lead-time and quick response is unsurpassed in the industry.