The Wågene Oil Purifiner

Continuous oil maintenance cleans the oil better than new

The Wågene Oil Purifiner is a “bypass” oil maintenance system that connects to a hydraulic or lubricating system to remove water and particles continuously.

The root cause of many mechanical failures is contaminated oil and fuel. By maintaining oil and fuel quality by removing water and particulates, there will be less mechanical failures and downtime, reduced operating costs and consumption, and enhanced life of the equipment. Combined, the significant benefits of maintaining oil quality will make your business greener.

The Wågene Oil Purifiner is designed for continuous maintenance of hydraulic and lubricating oils. Feedback from our users is that the Wågene Oil Purifiner is a minimal investment that offers savings over the short term. In the longer term it provides significant savings by prolonging the interval for oil changes and reducing maintenance costs. There is also minimal consumption of filter cartridges since the water is not absorbed in the filter cartridge but rather evaporates away.

How it works

The Wågene Oil Purifiner maintains the oil quality by continuous removal of particles, free and emulsified water, sludge and acids in a two stage process; Stage one utilizes natural, 100% long-strand cotton fibers to capture particles >1 micron and sludge. Stage two in the purification process is a patented flash evaporation process that dehydrates the oil and removes chemical contamination; water content is cut to 100-200 ppm (0.01-0.02%). Our systems are engineered to maintain oils at standard NAS 4 / ISO 13/10, typically better than new oil quality (NAS 6-8 due to contamination in the supply chain).

Laboratory Testing

Research done by “Norske Shell” university and many others, conclude that up to 80% of mechanical breakdowns are due to contaminated oil.

Two measures must be done to achieve optimum oil quality:

  • Remove particulate contamination, such as iron (Fe), copper (Cu), Silicon (Si) and other metals.
  • Remove chemical contaminants in the oil that is usually water.

Particle contamination is a result of mechanical wear, dust, maintenance operations, defective gaskets, clogged filters, etc. Water contamination typically is a result of condensation, leaks into system, air valves or compressors or other equipment in the system. In addition to being corrosive, water may in high-pressured systems be highly abrasive on the internal surfaces of the equipment.

The figure below shows test results performed on oil with 17,500 hours of operation, compared to oil purified by the Oil Purifiner and new oil.  The results are clear, the Oil Purifiner makes the oil better than new.