Goltens solves complex rudder stock problem for Ben Kien shipyard

M/V 9200T-03 - The rudder stock rectification

M.V 9200T -03 is a new build vessel in Ben Kien shipyard- Hai Phong in the North of Vietnam. Prior to installation of the rudder stock on the vessel, it was found that some heavy corrosion had taken place on the shaft surface. The ship owner required that the shaft be returned to a new condition prior to installation and that the procedure had to be approved by BV class.

The shipyard was unable to find a local repair company to handle this work as a complete repair package with an acceptable procedure. Goltens Vietnam based in Vung Tau in the South of Vietnam was able to propose a procedure that was accepted by BV Class. This involved removal of defective material, heating the shaft using Goltens’ annealing equipment, rebuilding the defective area and machining it back to original size.


Vessel:M/V 9200T-03
Rudder stock Length:4.610m
Rudder stock diameter:300/400/545/350mm
Rudder stock weight:9500 kg
Machined length of Shaft:770mm


  • Rudder stock cleaned & measured (before & after repair)
  • Completed alignment check & machining on long bed lathe
  • PMI inspection prior to welding
  • Heating and welding following set procedure
  • Heat treatment of rudder stock
  • Final machining and polishing of rudder stock
  • Final inspected by MPI and UT


Goltens repair package solution was presented to ship owner and completed within the expected schedule of 7 days with excellent results achieved.

The vessel owner, Bureau Veritas class surveyor and the shipyard QC engineer approved the entire repair.
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